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Thoughtful Innovation

Schwarz Knives is guided by the principle that beauty is second to function, but that both can exist in a well refined product. Also, that even the most remarkable craftsmanship cannot cover up poor design.

Who is Schwarz Knives?

Schwarz Knives is a small knife manufacturer owned and operated by career knifemaker TJ Schwarz. Located in Idaho, our company manufactures high quality American made knives.

TJ has also placed a large emphasis on production knife design throughout his career. These knives are generally manufactured and sold by knife companies who have chosen to license them from TJ Schwarz. Buying a Schwarz designed product from one of these companies, such as CRKT, directly supports the designer. The knives can be purchased from a number of retailers such as,, Cabela's, REI, or Sportsman's Warehouse.



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