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The Scalpel+ is a micro fixed blade designed for a desk drawer, center console, front pocket, or any hideaway you can imagine! A simple shape gives way to a lot of interesting small details when you look closely.


This knife is made in my one man shop in Idaho. The leather sheath is made by Gfeller Casemakers, also in Idaho.


  • Length: 5.06"

    Height: 0.625"

    Blade Length: 1.65"

    Thickness: 0.125"

    Weight wthout sheath: 1 oz

    Weight with sheath: 1.3 oz

  • Steel: Magnacut

    Steel Hardness: 62-63 HRC

    Edge Thickness: 0.010"

    Edge Sharpening Angle: 18 degrees per side

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