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All Kydex sheaths are made in house.


We offer two primary options for carrying your Kydex sheath.

  1. Belt Clip - The recommended carry option for this design. When configured with the belt clip, the sheath is custom formed with a platform and holes for the clip to mount. This platform can be molded for right hand or left hand carry. The belt clip can accomodate up to a 1.5" belt.
  2. No Clip Attachment - Not only does this option not include the clip, it most importantly does not include the platform and holes used for mounting the clip. This cannot be added later. The sheath still has perimeter eyelets on 1.5" centers which fit lots of aftermarket accessories. Only select this option if you have an alternative method of carry in mind.



Confidante Sheath (Kydex)

Kydex Sheath Color
Kydex Eyelets
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