The Comb/Class A

This comb is part of the Standard Issue: 1942 series. It features an American tanned folding leather sheath and a durable stainless/brass comb and grommet. This is a tool that is hand made in our shop and is built to last.


What is Standard Issue: 1942?

Standard Issue: 1942 is a series of products designed and built as if they are pieces of World War II era military equipment. They are not reproductions of existing designs, but innovations from the perspective of a war era product designer. Products in the Standard Issue: 1942 series are proudly hand crafted in the United States. We are so confident in the build quality that we offer a lifetime warranty. Should one of our products fail under normal use, send it back and it will be repaired or replaced.


A Cause

While this project casts a positive light on the innovation, perseverance, and triumph that took place during the Second World War, we believe it is extremely important to recognize the seriousness of the theme. World War II was one of the most horrific tragedies in human history.  May we never forget the lessons this conflict taught us, or take the freedoms we have as a result for granted. In an effort to express our gratitude towards all active and retired service members, 5% of Standard Issue: 1942 revenue is donated to the Hope for the Warriors foundation.

Comb/Class A

  • 3.2in Comb Length
    7.75in Overall Length
    0.4in Thickness

  • USA Made and Sourced

    Hermann Oak Leather
    Brass/Stainless Pivot
    Brass/Stainless Comb